Chords & Lyrics

I want to share my music, not only for others to listen to, but also for others to play, if the inspiration is there. Here you can find chords, lyrics and sometimes tabs for songs I've written.

On my own, I'm always here (2007-11)

Vinterkänslor (2008)

It's not a Fairytale (2009)

Natten (2010)

Find your Grace (2011)

Praise the Good (2011)

Unspoken Dialogue (2012)

Light and Darkness (2012)

Fjäril i en vacker äng (by Monika Dewi)

I love stories. They are a rich expression of experiences and carry more wisdom than facts do.
Here you can find stories I've written at various times in my life and enjoy both listening to them as well as reading them!

Within a Boy (2011)

Erosion (2011)

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