He was Earth, presumably stable, nurturing and full of life. This was not the case. Earth was loose, vulnerable and barren. At the whims of others, a gust of beauty would blow him away and a downpour of trouble would wash off the rich soil he carefully accumulated. Still, he was true to his nature and always acted on it. That is, when others weren't stampeding him with demands, unsettling the very particles of his being into a cloud, obscuring his vision.
Being loose and barren, Earth didn't form many deep attachments. He would swirl around, sometimes settle down for a while and bring some stability and nutrition, only to realize he wasn't anchored. Wounded, he would move along. What he was looking for, he didn't know, but he had a feeling he would know once he found it. Truth is, he was completely oblivious when it happened.
One day, much like any other, Earth saw something floating in the air. He wasn't very concerned about it; he had seen many things floating in the air before without them significantly impacting his life. This was something small, but beautiful and charged. As he observed the small thing, he realized it was charged with life. “So it is not just a something, but a someone,” thought Earth. Getting closer, this someone was being tossed left and right, up and down, by the currents of the wind. Sometimes landing at a place only to be lifted up once more, tumbling around here and there. After some observation, Earth thought he knew the pattern of this someone’s existence. He was in for a surprise.
She was Seed, presumably creative, expansive and full of life. This was the case, kind of. Seed had been travelling a long, long way from her Creator and always used her creativity to find a way for her to expand to her full potential. Still, something always stopped her. Others would expected her to stay small, hard and full of nutrition and sometimes consume all that potential for growth before it even got a chance to be realized. They would be intimidated by all the sudden expansion, that she no longer was who she used to be, taking more space each passing moment.
As Seed was drifting around in a stream of water, the flow took her next to Earth. She felt that maybe Earth could be a good place to land, at least for a while. Trusting her intuition, she asked Earth if she could stay with him. Earth thought it could be a good thing; he enjoyed company of others. So it came to be that Seed and Earth joined together, neither of them realizing what the future holds in store.
When Seed settled into Earth, he gave her stability and nutrition, something that Seed soaked up gratefully. At first, Earth noticed nothing in particular happening, which he was accustomed to. Subtly though, Seed started sprouting tiny strands of roots. In the meantime, she gave creativity and expansion to Earth, inspiring him with ideas and courage. They grew closer to each other and Seed continued to expand more and more into the life of Earth, to his great joy. Her roots grew and without knowing it, Earth was anchored for the first time in his life.
Eventually, rain poured down but Earth wasn't completely washed away this time, although it took some time to rebuild himself. At first, he didn't realize why. Then a strong gust of wind came blowing, but this time it didn't affect him at all. He realized all this erosion that made him barren, vulnerable and loose was prevented by the steady roots of Seed that anchored themselves around the core of his very being. No longer was he at the mercy of others.
He is Earth, now stable and nurturing. She is Seed, now creative and expanding. Together they are truly full of life, on a path of abundance. What will grow of their union only the future will tell, but one thing is for sure: both of them will be ready to truly overflow with love for their surroundings.

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