Thursday, October 4, 2012

Muse: Time is Running Out Song Structure

Measures        Guitar              Drums
    1               Interlude
    2               Verse 1           Simple beat
    2               Riff (Single)     Sidestick
    2               Bridge             Tom build
    2               Chorus            Crash
    1               Riff (Double)    Bell or splash
    2               Verse 2            High pitched
    1               Riff (Single)      Quiet
    2               Bridge              Tom build 16ths
    2               Chorus             Crash
    2               Post-Chorus     China
    1               Interlude           Simple beat
    1               Riff (Single)       Open hi-hat
    2               Solo                  Square to round
    2               Bridge               Tom build 16ths
    2               Chorus              Crash
    2               Post-Chorus      China
    1 (pause)   Outro                Heavy tom

Now you may wonder what this is all about. I'm playing with Nick Tucco and this is a song we've played for half a year and continued to improve. After a while we realized that it would be nice to get a clear picture of the structure of the song. As you can see, there are 18 different sections in the song with a maximum length of two measures. This means something new happens, musically speaking, very often and it can be challenging to keep up with. Seeing the structure makes it easier to come up with something creative for each part that fits with the wholeness of the song.

The best place to learn this song (according to me) is Songsterr.
Click here to get to the tab!

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