Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sound from the Heart by Patrik Siljestam

I'm glad you found your way into my music blog. Here I want to collect all my original songs and write about the process, allow you to see what goes on behind the curtains of my creativity. I started playing piano when I was six years old and started with vocal lessons at thirteen. My first guitar I got when I was eighteen and when I was twenty I wrote my first song.

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Music for me is the most direct way to express myself and convey what I have inside to the world around me, and that is the source of my passion for this form of art. It is a way for me to pour my soul out for others to behold. The audience is such a big part of the music too, because when I can reach into the heart of another human being, that makes me feel connected. This is why I call the blog "Sound from the Heart".

Here is a performance in the Abundance EcoVillage in Fairfield, Iowa. I wrote the song last year and at the time I was inspired by all the good things in my life and wanted to give praise to them through my music.

Praise the Good
By Patrik Siljestam & Nick Tucco

From Solo to Duo
I've been playing by myself for most of my life, except when my song teacher would back me up on the piano. Being a solo singer/songwriter was comfortable for me, because it gave me the full space to express my own inner world through music.

This year, however, I started playing with the drummer Nick Tucco and it inspired me to buy an electric guitar with an amplifier. We have been playing lots of rock music and it just doesn't work with an acoustic guitar.

It also adds a different dynamic to being a musician. Both Nick and I are more intuitive musicians and so we seldom decide before playing exactly what we are going to do, not even when we are performing to an audience. Rather, we make sure to play so much together that we are in tune with each other, which makes the music much more creative.


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