Sunday, August 5, 2012

What is the essence of music?

The essence of music is a rather philosophical concept with no real right or wrong, but for a musician to ask the question and find an answer that resonates personally can bring a different depth into the music created.

I had an experience with music that gave me insight into the spiritual value of music. I was driving back from Los Angeles to Fairfield, Iowa and put up camp north of St George in Utah. It was a beautiful place with mountains nearby, sagebrush growing around me with a couple of juniper trees right by the tent. There was a strong wind blowing and as dusk turned into night, I became slightly frightened for various reasons.

Would the wind become a storm and blow the tent away? Would someone with ill intentions walk by the tent? Would a rattlesnake or other dangerous animal attack me? None of these made sense and before setting camp I had seen a beautiful double rainbow in the sunset and a bird had guided me to the site. Nature was supporting me, yet I could feel unease from Her.

I opened my guitar case and was about to play a few songs when I could feel the tension between Nature and the guitar. This instrument was not native to the Land and the people who had brought it with them caused much suffering. Instead, I picked up a Native American flute I had received as a gift from Andreas, my older brother.

Playing the flute made me feel connected in a way the guitar could not. A wooden flute is closer to nature somehow, since it is just a hollow branch with some holes and decorations. I am still learning to play the flute and know a few simple tunes, and these melodies felt soothing to me. It was as if Nature could receive them without the memory of pain.

The next night when I was camping in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, I had the same experience. My guitar didn't resonate as well with my surroundings as the Native American flute. Maybe because I was by myself, Nature was my only audience and thus all my feedback came from Her.

To me, the essence of music is an offering, a way to connect with the Divine, it whatever form we perceive it. Through music I have felt more connected to myself, to other people, to Nature and to God. Music is a language spoken by all of Creation and that is the real strength of it, to me. Even if I play in an empty room, I feel like there is someone listening.

Whether you are a musician or someone who just enjoys listening to music, I would ask you to look deeper into the value and effect of music, as it relates to you. Is there a subtle connection, a unique way of expressing your inner world, or just a feeling you can't put words to?

What is the essence of music to you?

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  1. and I like the picture of sunset that you put up!

  2. I often ask myself about music and how is it, actually, some kind of magic.

  3. There is a beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love in music. The cruel beauty of nature and everlasting beauty of monotony.


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