Thursday, May 15, 2014

Earning Money on Music through RouteNote

I joined RouteNote 16th June 2012 and have had a good experience with them so far. There have been technical glitches every now and then (such as tracks not uploading properly) but after contacting their customer support I always got a timely reply with a satisfactory solution to my situation.

Read more about how I found RouteNote.

My music is available on Spotify and a number of other music services online. I have uploaded my tracks for free, and in exchange RouteNote takes 15% of my earnings. At any time I could upgrade any song I like to get 100% of the earnings, but that would cost me $10 per single (there are better deals for whole albums).

I've earned $1 for every 317 Spotify streams on average. Having only 14 tracks uploaded and not marketing myself that much, my total earnings for my own music after almost 2 years amount to only $6.46.

However, RouteNote recently implemented a referral system where if I get someone else to sign up for RouteNote, they still get 85% for their free tracks, RouteNote gets only 13% and I get 2% for referring them.

Looking at my referral report, I could calculate how much other people, who are more serious about marketing their music, are earning. Simply take my 2% and turn it into their 85%. Here are the top ten earning months from my 681 referrals. They are all anonymous.

Feb 2014: $1,332
Mar 2014: $302
Jan 2014: $230
Dec 2013: $118
Jan 2014: $98
Jan 2014: $62
Mar 2014: $44
Jan 2014: $43
Jan 2014: $27
Jan 2014: $23

So, as you can see, there are a some people out there who became fairly successful! This does not include their tracks that they paid to upgrade to receive 100% of the earnings, since my referral fee is only for the free tracks.

Sign up for a RouteNote account here!


  1. The picture is half spring, half fall.

    1. Thanks for noticing! I didn't think of it while taking the picture :)

  2. Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die. And eventually music will take you to where you want to be.

  3. Hi Patrik, I'm still waiting for my Spotify profile, but in the meantime I have programmed my website. Also, I have set up my Youtube and Soundcloud profiles. In case you're still interested, you can find all information about my music here:

    Greetings, Adrian

  4. All I can tell you is that RouteNote has paid 59 dlls for my 10k song im really happy
    i'll Let you my referal code


  5. Hi where I see the link where my songs are sold.the link I want to advertise on social networks.


  6. When you log in to RouteNote, under "Artist Services" you find "RN Direct" which is your own music store that you can advertise. I hope that helps!

  7. It's been 6 weeks no and I still haven't heard anything from Spotify. I have sent 3 e-mails concerning the problem, but no response at all! Is it because I haven't uploaded any music on Routenote yet or...? I don't think so, cause it would be extremely logical people can view their artist profile before posting music on it.

    1. I don't know what the problem is, and it's disappointing that Spotify hasn't responded to your emails either. Maybe try uploading at least one song through RouteNote and then create the artist profile?

  8. 6 weeks waiting for Spotify to make my artist profile*

  9. I have a question... How is this published? like, Iknow through the network..but it's not like you have your own spotify account and stuff, so how does this whole thing work??

    1. RouteNote publishes it for you, and you can create an artist profile on Spotify and connect your music to it (something I did).

      Because the payments go through RouteNote, they handle all the in-between stuff.

    2. Hi, does routenote handles the taxes also. is it part of the in-between stuff you mentioned.


    3. No they don't handle any taxes. As far as I know, it all depends on the country you live in.


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