Praise the Good

Praise the Good
Music & Lyrics by Patrik Siljestam (2011)

Rock Version

Intro & between verses: Em     G  Em

Em               G       Em       D                      Dadd4no5     D
Far away so far away, but still so close, oh still so close
    Em                 G        Em          D                Dadd4no5      D
To find my way I had to pray, my river flows to light that glows

I try to be, I try to see, all the strength inside of me
I chase a dream, a sunlight beam, I’m closer now, a silver gleam

Am     C       C9   Asus4   Am       C     C9        Asus4
With faith I travel forth, guided by a star up north
Am          C            C9         Asus4  Am         C         C9          Asus4
Coming home I’m light and warm, finding shelter from the storm

My childhood friends went here and there, but still they’re with me everywhere
What I can’t touch I still can feel, the wisdom in my spirit is real

Older brother, warm and strong, you make me feel like I belong
Younger brother, gift of God, your heart’s devotion I applaud


Soul-companion, dear to me, we walk the path of destiny
Priest and priestess, love divine, two serpents coiling up my spine

Mother, father, I thank you so, my sun and earth that made me grow
Your eyes have seen both night and day, you’ve been both close and far away


My angel sings with his voice and sword, praising the almighty Lord
Wings unfolded, soaring high, letting out a battle cry

My spirit horse is running wild, guided by my inner child
A knight and stallion on a quest, pursuing it with zeal and zest


Teacher I bow down to you, my inner light you made shine through
You passed your wisdom on to me, my inner strength you made me see

With faith I’m shining bright, like a northern star at night
Giving shelter to the brave, in my sacred, cosmic cave

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